Islam Thought and Culture

Islam Thought and Culture

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Feb. 7th - Mar. 14th 2017

Wednesdays only.

7pm - 9pm SPA Building


Islam is a great world religion which gave rise to a lofty, expansive civilization. We must take care not to base our view of Islam on atrocities committed in its name. To counter this unproductive tendency, we explore some positive and universal legacies of Islam. 

These include:

• Abraham’s extended family, a story of hope and promise  amidst cultural and religious diversity…

• Muhammad as a Prophet of peace, uniting previously hostile tribes and guiding Arabia as a new spiritual nation…

• The Qur’an’s power to elevate the mind, polish the heart, activate the creative spirit, and educate a vast multicultural society…

• Islamic philosophy, theology, law and spirituality as vigorous quests for wisdom, understanding, justice and moral development…

• Peaks of Islamic civilization and cultural refinement in Spain, Egypt, Persia, Turkey and India…

• And Islamic Reform as an unfolding dimension of modern  and contemporary developments.

An open-minded look at these legacies will provide a more just and productive outlook on Islam today and our world’s current challenges and prospects.

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