Tai Chi

Tai Chi

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*This is a Past Event*


 Apr. 1st - May. 20th 2017

8am - 9am SPA Building

Come join us as Klari Aitkin shares her Tai Chi Practice with you. Using gentle movement and breathing techniques you will improve balance, strength and energy. Through calm relaxed contemplation of your body, you will access your own healing potential. You will rewire your nervous
system as you begin to notice and release tension. With time you will be
able to use your relaxation response at will. Observe your sleep improve, blood pressure drop, pain management increase and a more positive and easy relationship with the ups and downs of life. Techniques will be based on the 37 Form Yang style Tai Chi developed by Cheng Man Ching who emigrated from early communist China to New York City.

This is an 8 week program, meeting once a week on Saturdays!

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