Why Is There Suffering In The World?

Why Is There Suffering In The World?

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 Nov. 28th 2016 1pm - 3:30pm SPA Building


Throughout the human history there has been one big question. It is the Question. It starts with WHY? Why is there suffering in the world? Some suffering is easy to explain. If one person selfishly harms another it is understood. To be able to point to a mistake or an act of human cruelty makes a quick answer. The suffering of the millions of Refugees coming out of Syria is explained by the War, perpetrated by an oppressive government and the rebels fighting it. But what do we do with the so called Acts of God: A flood, or storm, or an earth quake or some new dreadful decease or for that matter decease in general. <br /><br />Whether we believe in a loving God or not we still must reconcile why there is so much suffering in the world with the human understanding of justice and compassion.

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