'Dancing THROUGH the Darkness' Five-Week Virtual Series with Carol Kilby
'Dancing THROUGH the Darkness' Five-Week Virtual Series with Carol Kilby
Spiritual Path to Awakening

'Dancing THROUGH the Darkness' Five-Week Virtual Series with Carol Kilby

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Spiritual Path to Awakening invites you to join us for the five-week, virtual series “Dancing THROUGH the Darkness” with Carol Kilby, M.Div., D.Min., Author. 

Dates: Weekly, Thursday, March 3, 2022 - Thursday, March 31, 2022

Event Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (each week)

Platform: Zoom

About the Series:

For those searching to make peace between traditional beliefs, today’s science, and the bourgeoning planetary crisis, leader and author, Carol Kilby knows this search intimately and writes of it in 'Evolutionary Dancer, Out, In, and On the Fringe of the Church.'    

  • Participants will explore and practice an Evolutionary spirituality. Come from in, out, or the fringe of the church to find yourself an integral part of this critical moment in the Earth community.   

  • The five-session series is a rich experience of storytelling, imagery, break-through groups, movement, art-as-meditation, and evolutionary ritual.

  • Important and timely, Carol Kilby invites us to dance with our grief at the sixth mass extinction, our longings for a culture of human-earth mutuality, and our response-abilities to co-create that future.

  • Though not required, the suggested reading is “Evolutionary Dancer, Out, In, and On the Fringe of the Church” available on Amazon and through your local bookseller.

Attendees are invited to join us for the five-week series. Please find the weekly breakdown below:

Week #1 (March 3/22): Dancing Through the Darkness

Explore some of the many phrases used to describe varied perspectives on these times of planetary crisis. Like Darkness – a time of unknowing. Like dance – an invitation to inter-relationship. It’s helpful, Kilby shares, to see our times in light of the bigger picture. In this introduction to the series, let’s talk Cosmology and Evolutionary Spirituality. 

Week #2 (March 10/22): The Mirror Dance

Meet the Evolutionaries, those wisdom teachers leading the human tribe through Earth’s exodus. To get from the Cenozoic era, ending as a result of human-centric culture, we need evolutionary thinkers. Meet the cutting edge prophets and visionaries Kilby writes about in Chapter 1. Share the Evolutionaries you believe are leading us towards an Ecozoic era of human-Earth mutuality. Let’ talk Conscious Evolution. 

Week #3 (March 17/22): I Spy with my Evolutionary Eye

Putting on the lenses of Awe, Ecology, Creation Spirituality, and Cosmology changes everything. New frameworks that reshape our understanding of and relationship to reality heals what has been for the Earth a devastating social myopia. Let’s talk mysticism and science! (Chapters 2, 3)

Week #4 (March 24/22): Dance of the Storyteller

Step into your power as storytellers. Kilby puts on her storytelling persona, Grandmother Universe, and shares cosmic stories that birthed her deep time identity and lifework. Let’s talk story, myth, and legend. The stories we believe are the stories we live; in these times everyone can tell their life’s story, one informed by the new science, a story that cooperates in the emergence a new Earth-community. (Chapter 4)

Week #5 (March 31/22): The Dance of Transformation 

Acknowledging traditional and cultural rituals, while originally transformational, at this point serve to preserve a culture of planet abuse, Kilby introduces the need for Evolutionary Rituals. Let’s talk ritual words, images, actions. Experience practices that reinterpret religious and secular stories. Grounded in ecology and cosmology, new rituals are needed to aid the emergence of an Earth-centric future. Chapter 13)

Cost per ticket for the full series: $65.00. This event is open to all, please pre-register on the SPA website to reserve your spot. 

About Carol Kilby:

Carol Kilby is an experienced, passionate and courageous leader. Stepping out of the pulpit in 2005 to run Gaia Centre for Eco-Spirituality and Sustainable Work, she hosted new-thought teachers including  Brian Swimme and Matthew Fox.  Kilby describes her move out of mainline Christianity into Evolutionary Spirituality as a dance between traditional beliefs and emerging consciousness.                                        

She is the author of Evolutionary Dancer, Out, In, and On the Fringe of the Church. Ordained in the United Church of Canada in 1991, she holds a Masters of Divinity from the University of Toronto, and a Dr. of Ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality in 2004.

More at www.carolkilby.com           


Reviews of Dancing Through the Darkness:

Thank you to Carol Kilby for inviting us into the evolutionary dance and challenging us to continue this ongoing tango between our beliefs and our consciousness.  You have given us rituals and tools to keep us energized.  You have introduced us to your mirror evolutionaries, and you have become for us one of them!  And you have awakened us to see that the darkness and chaos in which we are now living is an invitation to unleash our creativity… to follow the energy of our hearts to that place of no return… that place of becoming.  For all of this and so much more, THANK YOU!

It was inspiring, refreshing, and encouraging, helping me to find a better balance in this time of turbulence.

If you ever have the opportunity to participate in a program with Carol Kilby, author of Evolutionary Dancer, don’t miss it!  Carol writes from a deep place of personal experience which thrust her onto the path of awakening to the new story.  She has gleaned so many insights from modern day Evolutionaries and integrates their wisdom with that of so many who have gone before us, drawing us more deeply into the story.  She is able to help us reframe our way of seeing and is a master at reminding us to ritualize these moments that continue to define us.  Carol is an evolutionary in our time.  Don’t miss a chance to receive her energy, her inspiration and her influence as you continue your deep time journey into this new Ecozoic era that is emerging. 

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