Exploring Creative Breakthroughs

Exploring Creative Breakthroughs

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Presenter Harold Rosen
Dates: 7 Wednesday evenings 7-9pm – October 3… 10
What brings about creative episodes in humanity’s journey across the ages? World history shows remarkable periods of extensive learning and cultural refinement – inspired by religious renewal and spirituality. Each religious civilization can be viewed in ‘seasonal’ terms – going through a spiritual spring, summer, autumn and winter. Let’s take an eagle-eye look at several Spiritual Summers,
Renaissances or Golden Ages – including Israel’s United Monarchy… Classical Persia… Athens and
Alexandria… Gupta India… Tang China… Christian Byzantium… Charlemagne’s Europe… Islamic
Persia and Spain – then we’ll share futuristic glimpses of a possible Global Civilization. 
This stimulating survey will cast light on humanity’s quest for a constructive breakthrough today.


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