Inner Peace in Uncertain Times

Inner Peace in Uncertain Times

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Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm

September 19th - October 10th 2018

Goals of the Event:
 1. As a result of this course, participants will learn:
*it’s not external conditions or other people that cause us pain or distress, but rather our own thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.
2. How to actually choose the thoughts and attitudes that are most beneficial to our well-being and relationships.
3. A set of elegant principles and practical skills for making the shift from a victim of circumstances to conscious choice-maker
'INNER PEACE in UNCERTAIN TIMES' is a course in Attitudinal Healing, which is a practical spirituality, a general approach to life, that does not conflict with any spiritual or religious orientation. This course offers a fresh perspective on the issues that seem to plague us all: constant change and uncertainty, ‘difficult’ people, the challenges of aging and changes in health, unrelenting stress over which we so often feel a lack of control. it’s an introduction to a different way of looking at life and death, difficult situations and relationships. Participants will be introduced to a set of principles and practical skills which can be used to facilitate the shift from fear to love, from feeling victimized by life and circumstances to taking responsibility for our lives and choices. This series of classes will explore some of life’s deeper questions and will demonstrate that inner peace is always within our reach, even in the face of real difficulty.

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