Meditation @ Mill Lake!

Meditation @ Mill Lake!

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Mill Lake (Bevan enterance)

This is the perfect time to be outdoors, take a break from our busy schedules and experience the beauty of our natural world. Join us as we usher in the vibrancy of the summer season with our Meditation in the Park.

Meditating in nature is a great way to help connect us to the elements and awaken our senses to all that surrounds us and spending time outdoors can help to re-connect and inspire us to feel it’s beauty and help open us up to it’s healing influences. So let us combine both of these together as we move into this new season of the year where we will aim to feel refreshed, relaxed, and re-invigorated. This hour of peaceful guided meditations will be inclusive and accessible to all who want to join, so nourish your soul and learn for yourself all the many benefits of practicing meditation outdoors in our pop-up Meditation in the Park.

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