Paradox of being an Everyday Mystic

Paradox of being an Everyday Mystic

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Date:          November 30
Time:          1 - 4 PM
Presenter:  Bill Booth

In this 3-hour event, we will explore some of the paradoxical aspects of being an everyday mystic. 

  • The mystic is of the world and separate from the world
  • Mystical Experiences are full of meaning and beyond meaning.
  • The mystical experience is hard work but cannot be obtained with hard work.
  • The mystical experience means your mind is empty, yet it is completely full.
  • The mystical experience is an individual experience but has no significance separated from humanity.
  • The route to the mystical is through our slow thinking and our fast thinking.

Come prepared to share your own experiences and with an open mind to possibilities. 

There will be some time in meditative practices.

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