The Underground Railway (Feb 16 @1pm)
The Underground Railway (Feb 16 @1pm)

The Underground Railway (Feb 16 @1pm)

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The Underground Railway
Saturday Feb 16th: 1PM
Presentation by: What and Why by Carolyn Abramson and The Pentones
Carolyn Abramson is a retired educator from Nova Scotia and a descendant of Barbadian slaves. 
Because of this heritage, Carolyn has a natural interest in the history of slavery and its cultural aspects. 
The Underground Railroad played an important part in providing hope and freedom for American slaves.
Their spirituals and their stories are compelling. It is Carolyn's passion to pass this information on to others. The presentation includes music , quilts and story telling.

The Pentones, Ron Schaufert ( guitar and bass), Rosa Schaufert ( soprano), Esther Unrau (alto), and Earl Colpitts ( tenor) share Carolyn's passion for spirituals and they enjoy giving back to their community. They have been acknowledged many times for their contributions throughout the community.
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