About Us

We acknowledge that SPA is based in Abbotsford, on the ancestral homelands of the Semá:th and Mathxwi First Nations, and extend our appreciation to gather, learn, and host events on this territory.

Our Purpose:

To create a safe place for those in our community to balance their spirit.


Our Vision:

We seek to become a Wellness Centre and a centre for Spiritual nurturing for our surrounding community.  We envision a centre where everyone in the community can feel comfortable exploring their spiritually.  We will do this by offering and hosting events and programs to support folks as they seek to connect with their souls.


Who We Wish To Become:

We hope to expand our group to include people of all faiths, traditions and belief systems.


Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: To reach out to those in the community who recognize   the need for spiritually in their lives but are hesitate to connect with a traditional church setting.

Goal 2: To provide programing to nurture the spiritual well-being of the community.

Goal 3: To become known as a safe place for spiritual exploration in Abbotsford and beyond.

Goal 4: To be self-sustaining, financial neutral programming.

We feel called and challenged to change the way we implement our programing and mission in the local community.  We intend to create a greater spiritual vitality, and long term sustainability. We recognize the need to increase the variety of programming.  


Our Values and beliefs in regards to spirituality:

  1. There is a conscious presence that fills the universe and it can be called God, but that divine can be named a multitude of ways and yet only begin to capture the whole.
  2. All people are a reflection of the Divine.
  3. A belief in the being we call “God” is not a requirement to being a spiritual person, nor is attendance as a traditional “worship” the only path to Spiritual health.
  4. We can all learn from one another.
  5. We don’t know what we don’t know.
  6. There are many ways to connect with our spiritual beings.
  7. Healing, transformation, enlightenment, salvation, and being fully alive are different ways of describing the spiritual nurture and work that all humans need.