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Effective February 2024, SPA is in a transitional period between Event Coordinators. We will be taking time to reflect on what our social enterprise initiative is and how we can best show up for our community in the future. During this time, the SPA website and social accounts (Instagram and Facebook) will remain live but inactive and the monthly SPA E-Newsletter will be on hiatus. The SPA email will be monitored on a limited, infrequent basis and we kindly request any phone inquiries be directed to the administrator at Trinity Memorial United Church in Abbotsford: 604-853-2591.

Read the full Press Release on the About Us section of the SPA website


Hello, welcome, we are glad you're here!

Spiritual Path to Awakening (SPA) connects lifelong learners from our surrounding community, Abbotsford and beyond, through our inclusive online and in-person events. We host events that feed the mind, body, and soul at various locations across Stó:lō Téméxw (the Fraser Valley): turning spaces into places. Everyone is invited to explore, grow, and learn with us.

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Thoughtfully composed for you by Leanne, the SPA Events Coordinator, the
SPA E-Newsletter aims to further encourage creativity and connection. 

The SPA E-Newsletter features an oracle card pull + stone pairing, community connection section, wondrous world features, and more! Aimed to further encourage creativity, connection, and community. Subscribe to be a part of the story.


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SPECIAL EDITION: A Quick Farewell (January 2024)

ISSUE No. 14: Spark ______ (January 2024)

ISSUE No. 13: Take the (Cold) Plunge (December 2023) 

ISSUE No 12: A Gift for Mother Earth (November 2023) 

ISSUE No 11: Impermanence in Autumn (October 2023)

ISSUE No. 10: Seek Stillness (September 2023)

ISSUE No. 9: Butterflies & Balance (August 2023)

ISSUE No. 8: Spaces into Places (July 2023)

ISSUE No. 7: Rainbow Coloured Lenses (June 2023)

ISSUE No. 6: Strawberries & Sunshine (May 2023)

ISSUE No. 5: Crystal Clarity (April 2023)

ISSUE No. 4: White Rabbits (March 2023)

ISSUE No. 3: Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down (February 2023)

ISSUE No. 2: Winter Wellness (January 2023)

ISSUE No. 1: New Year, New Opportunities (December 2022)



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